Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dive Deep and Swim Far. How you can share your self-respect, new power and experience for good!

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old."
       ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What doesn't come naturally to me:
small talk
staying up late
asking for help

The biggest one in my life right now: asking for help.

Me! Raising my hand! I need help!!

Now, I'm not in some terrible situation, drowning in debt, losing a leg or fighting off life-monsters with a small butter knife.

Quite the contrary.

As you may know, we launched our nonprofit. Think Global Institute.  We have been working on this day and night, night and day for 1.5 years. Steve created the idea in his big brain while I was still working full time.

His motivation was so pure, which is why it works. We were making NO money and working ourselves to silliness to ensure women entrepreneurs had a place to come when they had questions. 

Things like this make every step worth it

We wanted to empower them outside the classroom, and it just wasn't being done without our efforts. In my professional life, I was the "face"to these women. I was the one they reached out to with questions, difficult questions about life, and wants for more support. I had no resources to do so at work, so Steve and I did it on our own time. And yes - our efforts went a long way. But we were tired

Steve's weekly Skype with a woman entrepreneur and her team in Buenos Aires

We knew we could do more, but I had a full time job, albeit decreasingly fulfilling.

The loss of my job catapulted us into action to make Think Global Institute a full-time life for us. We have worked so hard to make sure what we created was   a) even wanted by women entrepreneurs in developing economies   b) sustainable    c) scaleable    d) something we truly believed in.

When the answer was a resounding YES to all 4, we launched. We have been successful up until this point, but we cannot be martyrs to continue to succeed! We have reached the point where "bridging" funds are needed from an outside entity while we finalize the last aspects of our own funding model. 

This means, we will be self-sufficient and self-funded. We eventually will not rely on donations from the kind hearted souls in our universe. 

But for now. We need it to continue. The amazing, huge, impactful things we can do with a small amount of money is mind-blowing even to me, and I'm right on the front lines!

Will you share our humble request with friends or family? Will you give? Even a small amount HELPS. If nothing else, please read our story and learn about the journey we're on. 

Women, on a whole, are a terribly underutilized force for change, good, progress and success. We know that each woman has the ability, intelligence and courage to achieve the level of success they dream of.

There is such strength and tenacity in every woman, which is ignited immediately when they are empowered, safe and supported.

Here is my difficult ask of the morning: Please Help. Give. Gift. Support. Empower. Share.


p.s. Did I mention you get to pick out a sweet gift if you do give? :)

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MJ said...

You and Steve are truly awesome people and I feel so blessed to know you guys (well, even if I only know you through Steve). Keep up the great work and here's to your future! ;)