Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Take What Is Yours

"I say to Mr. Nadella, good karma is not about allowing yourself to be stepped over. Good karma comes from standing up and doing the right thing, and sometimes, asking for what you deserve is the right thing -- not just for yourself, but for everyone who comes after you. Good karma is also about treating others the same way that you would want to be treated yourself, and I hope as a CEO of a major international corporation, Mr. Nadella recognizes that. To the young girls out there, I hope they won't be deterred by misguided thoughts about karma or consequences. Take what is rightfully yours, and stand up for yourselves. You can do it, even if the world hasn't changed as much as I sometimes think it has. Maybe it will be easier for you, and maybe it won't, but hang in there. I still believe you can be anything you want to be. Don't let anyone tell you differently." -Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Valentina Francesca

The preggo announcement no one saw. Thanks fodada for the little baby hat!

4 months 
5 months

5 months
almost 6 months

baby shower - me and mom, same age, similar dress!
baby girl and her many faces. those lips!
baby shower - 8 months

date night - 9 months
9 months and a very nervous daddy to be

1 day overdue. COME OUT BABY!

2 weeks overdue. Sunning the baby out.

Hanging out. Literally. 2 weeks overdue. Can't do much. 

42 weeks and I'm cooked. Let's get this show on the road!

Apri 27th at 5:53am  - Valentina Francesca
my sweet girl
Mama - my new name

Grandma is here to save the day!
those cheeks
so many faces - 1st day home
daddy's favorite pants - polka dots
eat? yes? no? sleep? sleep.
mom and baby head out!
I wonder where she got the morning hair from
Valentina on top with daddy. Amy on bottom with daddy.  
1 week old. Daddy on a business trip, so we took a walk around town! Sleepy girl.
Trying out a girlie headband to tame the 'do 
Mommy / daughter date to a panel discussion on women in conflict regions. Matchy matchy!
Daddy is finally home after a 3 week business trip


Our curious little girl. 5 weeks old at the New Belgium Brewery.
Hanging with dad
Happiest baby award goes to this girl
It's rare, but she does cry. And when she does, I snap pics. That face!!
Her favorite place to snuggle
Tummy time with daddy is always better with photographic evidence
Family outing to a cocktail party with the Unreasonable Institute
First doctor appointment!
First hotel on our road trip to Milwaukee from Denver. Staring at daddy is a favorite past time.
Sorry dad, I called shot gun. Get in the back! 
She found some friends at a truck stop. #scarydolls
Made it to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Milwaukee. This girl is exhausted!
The hair wave 
She took over Grandpa's chair
Bike races = ear protection needed 
Breaking in daddy
Date night - we still like each other. :) 
Summertime and the livin's easy! 
First time at the beach!
Meeting Papa Chet for the first time
Trying to blame it on Brielle #toots
Grandpa holding V for the first time!
Snuggling with Grandma over the fire!
My sweet girl 
Will she have Grandpa's blue eyes? We shall see!
Love her!
She's giving daddy a stern talking to 
Little ducky 
love my little family 
sweet baby girl
She loves her daddy 
This look! I'm in trouble. 
That's better. My smiley girl. 
Abominable Snowman and Cookie Monster had a baby. 
All you can do is laugh, right? 
Flirting with the flight attendant  
Summer babes 
First time at Papa's camp! Loved the lake! 
Papa Chet admiring little lady 
Martellotti Family Reunion Onesie! 
Patriotic Family 
Captain V 
Love this lake 
Swim buds 
She doesn't want to let Papa and Grandma go 
Papa and Grandma showing V where Mommy grew up 
No worries for this baby with her Guatemalan worry doll headband 
dancing with daddy 
Cousin book time. She loves her books! 
This is Valentina, wrapped up into two photos!